Playing to Win: A Guide to Rapid CoD: Ghosts Improvementment

cod-ghost-guideLet’s face reality: losing in Call of Duty: Ghosts is not fun. I do not know about you, but I do not want to spend my free time be average (or worse, bad) at video games. Like the vast majority of the population, you probably get to feel mediocre all day at work or school, so why would you want to come home and be mediocre at video games?

It’s not exactly a relaxing or pleasant experience to rack up a negative K:D ratio a few games in a row. On the other hand, a great way to blow some steam off after a stressful game is to log onto CoD and lead the team in kills. In order to give my readers more of the latter experience of owning newbs and less of the controller-smashing frustration of losing games repeatedly, I put together this crash course on CoD Ghosts to help you step up your game.

This simple Call of Duty Ghosts guide will provide you with three important but little-known truths about getting very good, very fast at CoD.

Practice Makes Permanent, Not Perfect

Players assume that simply playing a lot of games will make them automatically better at Call of Duty. While playing and practicing is important to getting better at CoD Ghosts, alone it is not enough to reliably step up your game. The hundreds of thousands of players out there that have hit their first level (or even multiple levels) of Prestige with kill to death ratios of less than 1 are evidence that playing a lot is not going to guarantee that you are good.

Clearly, playing the game alone with no other thought is not enough to be a great CoD player. The reason is because if you practice like a bad player, you are going to always going to play like one. Many “bad” players will just mindlessly run around looking for cheap kills while never actually thinking about what they are doing. This will ultimately

Instead of playing mindlessly, practice solid fundamentals. When you surprise a player from behind, always go for the knife if you do not have a silencer. When you are in a tight spot and are face to face with an enemy player and do not have time to aim, fire from the hip. When you know a player is in the next room, cook and throw a grenade into the room. If that does not work, throw a flash-bang grenade before entering.

Perhaps most importantly and the practice that requires the most discipline is always going for the head shot. It is much easier and more rewarding in the short term to aim for the body, but you should really practice aiming for the head when playing CoD. It will take many, many tries to get good at this practice, but when you are able to aim for the head just as quickly as you would be for the torso, you will be able to triple your kill:death ratio over when you were aiming for the chest. Head shots are usually 1-hit kills, whereas chest shots are typically two hit kills. The problem with aiming for the torso is that often legs and arms get in the way as well, which often take 3 hits to get a kill.

If you just run around always looking for the easy kill, you will never get better. Take the time to learn how to use the knife, how to shoot from the hip, and how to aim for the head if you want to be a top player at CoD.

Like in Life, CoD Rewards Consistent, Repeated Effort

If you want to get very good at CoD, be very consistent with your playstyle. Not only should you practice like you ultimately want to play, but you should put constraints on your playstyle in order to maximize your skill.

The brain learns skills in a very specific way. The most specific your practice task, the better you will get at that particular task. For this CoD Ghosts guide, that task is getting kills and avoiding deaths. In order to excel with that task, players will have to be extremely consistent in their practice efforts.

How can we be consistent with CoD? By keeping the scenarios the same in every single match. In particular, stick to the same weapon, attachment, perk, and killstreak reward in all of your games. While you can experiment in the beginning, you will need to rack up about 100 hours of playtime to truly master a particular combination of . If you can only play an hour a day, do not worry about that large number: that is about what you will need for expert competency (in the top few % of players) – you can still be better than the bulk of player-base with just 20 hours or so of practice with a particular combination.

The key here is just not to switch your weapons, perks, and killstreaks too often. Stick to the same combination in game after game. Eventually, you will encounter so many different scenarios with that particular weapon and skill set that your mastery will be hard to top.

If you get really good, you can try to master two different weapons. You can use an SMG on small maps and an Assault Rifle on larger maps. However, this technique should be reserved for players who play at least 10 hours a week. If you cannot muster that much playtime, you will be much better served by just sticking to one weapon.

Need More Help? Call in a Care Package from the Pros

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